Puffy Pancake

Happy Brunch!

New Yorkers love Brunch just as much as they love dressing up their little doggies in sweaters. My mom always made this one for Christmas morning brunch or a lazy Sunday growing up. We called it “Puffy Pancake” because it gets so light and fluffy! It’s slightly custardy on the inside, and a little crispy on the outside. Yum! I was hosting a mini brunch party this morning for my folks that were in town and leaving this afternoon to head back home to Pennsylvania. My good friend Cassandra also stopped by! She’s been away for a couple weeks in Europe and we were excited to see her!

The flavor combinations in this are endless! You can use blueberries, sliced apples, peaches, cinnamon, whatever is in season. Today I used some fresh blueberries. It is sooo good and is perfect if you are having a yummy brunch party with some of your friends.


2-3 Tbsp. butter

-4 eggs

-1 cup flour

-1 cup milk

-pinch of salt

-dash of vanilla extract

1 pint of blueberries

-2 tsp. cinnamon

Let’s get cookin’!

  • Preheat oven to 425º.
  • Place large cast iron or oven-proof frying pan in oven with about 2-3 Tbsp. butter in order to melt butter and heat pan.  (Be careful not to burn butter! :-D)
  • Meanwhile, in a large bowl, whisk 4 eggs, 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of milk, pinch of salt, 2 tsp. cinnamon and dash of vanilla extract.


-Pour in one pint of blueberries to the batter.

image3-Take skillet out of the oven and pour in the batter!


-Bake 20-25 minutes until set and browned slightly.

Oooo look at those baby blues!!


-The batter will rise up into bowl shape, but will fall while cooling!

-Cut into wedges. Serve with more fresh fruit on top or maple syrup if you like!

Oh and I almost forgot! Goes best with…

A side of BACON!!! ❤ 😀
Brunch is ready! 😀

K bye!!! :-*


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